Best-in-class support from product design to post-delivery stage

Our emphasis has always been on creating compelling, value-added propositions for our clients. We don’t just print your packaging components; we help you design them, choose suitable raw materials, add multiple layers of anti-counterfeiting solutions to protect your brand and deliver them as fast as within 24 hours from artwork approval. We also routinely visit our customers’ packaging sites to share our expertise and help optimize packaging efficiencies.

As an industry insider, we know the things that are most important to our customers and we made them a priority in structuring our business:

We have the capability to ship packaging components to our customers within 24 hours from artwork approval.  Through the formation of our URT, we offer this service to all our customers 24/7/365.  This capability has been instrumental in facilitating timely delivery of life-saving medication around the world.

We offer the convenience of a full-service graphics design group to our customers. Our design consultants and graphic artists are available to assist with every detail involved in creating artwork for packaging components.  All of our graphics functions are governed by cGMP principles; our dozens of years of collective experience allows us to even train our clients in developing their own graphics units.

We employ engineers with advanced degrees in order to assist our clients with the process of arriving at the perfect combination of design, materials and functionality.  We frequently start a project with nothing more than a collection of client objectives and information regarding the packaging equipment involved.  We always finish a project with a clear set of recommendations and actionable items that our clients can follow, in order to successfully bring their product to market.

We consider it our responsibility to be aware of meaningful, practicable ways in which pharmaceutical manufacturers may use packaging components as the means to protect and authenticate their products.  In order to do so, we continually test many important security offerings as they appear in the marketplace; as a result, we always have available a palette of options for our clients, screened through the use of our proprietary cost/benefit analysis.

We became the pioneers in designing and implementing Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs with major pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Frequently, our VMI programs are run as part of our Web Services offering; through web portals, we receive customer data in the form of forecasts and packaging line schedules. Such information becomes input for the scheduling module of our custom ERP, allowing us to deliver packaging components to our customers on a Just-In-Time basis, thereby reducing inventory and obsolescence costs.

Our recipe for excellence in Customer Support is simple yet potent; start with highly qualified individuals, put them through rigorous training, allow them to directly experience client requirements by visiting their customers and empower them to become true customer advocates within our organization.  The end result is a truly world-class support experience for our customers, from the moment of artwork initiation to post-delivery follow up.

Our manufacturing sites are strategically located in two epicenters of pharmaceutical manufacturing, New Jersey and North Carolina. Our facilities are electronically linked on a real-time basis, enabling us to eliminate duplication in our administrative and prepress functions, resulting in world-class, streamlined, responsive customer support.  Our electronic networking has allowed us to elevate our scheduling group to a strategic level, affording it access to real-time production information from all manufacturing facilities.  As part of our Business Recovery Plan, our facilities have been designed with nearly identical capabilities, representing excellent backup to each other.

By serving exclusively the health care industry, we made ourselves part of the life-saving business and we identified early on the need to avoid interruptions in supply at all costs; therefore, we established a strategic priority to secure sourcing redundancies for the single most important ingredient in our process, paper.  We managed to hedge against structural weakness among North American paper mills by developing alternate sources of supply in Europe.  We now offer our customers the most diversified supply chain in the healthcare packaging component industry.  At the same time, this infrastructure offers us a significant assist in the effort to expand our manufacturing presence overseas.

As part of our efforts to assist pharmaceutical manufacturers in the package design process, we have developed expertise in performing stability testing of printed components for secondary packaging.  Our objective is to help determine the impact of environmental influences on the performance of packaging components; the range of our services include the design and execution of stability studies, accelerated age studies and product performance testing.  All such services are entirely customizable to fit the needs of any specific package design project.