Today, The Challenge Printing Company is the only independently owned, exclusively pharmaceutical packaging supplier to accomplish critical mass. This combination of laser-like focus and wide market reach has fueled our dramatic growth and has helped us become the de facto choice of healthcare manufacturers. Our expertise in producing a wide array of healthcare packaging components has been a significant reason for our success in the marketplace. From the most complicated package insert designs and multi-layered label constructions, to folding cartons, pouches and other paper, foil and poly applications, we have amassed a portfolio of product offerings that allow our customers to consider us a one-stop packaging solution provider.

Moreover, our profit reinvestment strategy has enabled us to deliver value to our customers through the acquisition of unique technologies. This strategy has also enabled us to offer packaging components to ancillary but related industries like Nutraceuticals and Animal Health. In turn, our market success provides us with the financial stability required to sustain our independent path.