Foil Apps

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Lidding Foil

As part of our line of foil applications, The Challenge Printing Company produces lidding foil. The lidding foil produced by The Challenge Printing Company is of superior quality, printed with low odor, low migration inks and primer. Our lidding foil offers an optimal solution for our customers’ blister card applications. Lidding foil is applied to the back of blister cards to seal medication within the blister pockets. This application makes for a convenient and effective way for end users to dispense medication.

Multi-layer Foil Laminates

The Challenge Printing Company line of flexible packaging components features Multi-layer foil laminates, or pouches. Our Multi-layer foil laminates can be imprinted, allowing for cohesive branding across all components. Pouches are often a popular solution for our clients because they are highly efficient and cost effective. The Challenge Printing Company pouches provide an optimal solution for packaging drugs adequately to ensure full shelf life.

Our experts will take your packaging wants and convert them into real solutions that work on your lines, from finding ways to give you more real estate on your components to ensuring that your packaging lines run smoothly. Utilizing multiple printing technologies, we offer customized solutions using every technology.